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Eckert Schools International

Eckert Schools International, through the global presence and accessibility of innovation and knowledge-transfer, guarantee the high standards associated with the well known ‘Made in Germany’ tag.

We are specialised in offering German education, which is globally recognised as achieving the highest levels of quality, and is consequently greatly sought after.

Custom-designed, international courses such as German Industrial Master Craftsman, ‘Train the Trainer’ Programme, Consulting, and customer-specific seminars are just some examples of our comprehensive curriculum.

We offer our tireless support in all matters concerning school organisation and offer ‘quality management of education’ in, for example, the introduction of the German dual vocational training system.

As a rule, our entire prospectus is offered in both English and German. Other languages are available upon request.

As a global player in the field of education, Eckert Schools International have, for many decades, offered a unique and greatly valued expertise in all things related to the ‘Made in Germany’ stamp of quality.

They are a subsidiary of the highly regarded Eckert Schools, today one of the largest private enterprises in the German education sector.

Since its founding more than 70 years ago, the Eckert Schools company has prepared over 70,000 students for success in their chosen careers. The quality and practical relevance of the training, our technical expertise and the flexibility of the course programme all contribute to our graduation quota of 98% - not to mention the readily opened doors of coveted employers to our graduates. No coincidence, then, that Eckert Schools are internationally recognised and applauded as innovative representatives of the German education system.