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Founding schools

Eckert Schools International has its own experience in the area of international education to draw on. If you want to found a school for training and further education so that the workers in your country can profit from know-how "made in Germany", this experience will be helpful for you. 

When founding a school, various things must be borne in mind. The Four Step Program developed by Eckert Schools International contains all the important points:

We pay particular attention to the following details to ensure the success of a newly founded school:

  • Identifying the market and customer demands
  • Observing the regulatory framework
  • Defining the economic conditions
  • Developing the educational content and syllabuses
  • Determining the internal organisational structure, eEquipment, facilities and teaching materials
  • Choosing the trainers, instructors and administrative staff
  • Marketing, public relations, customer care
  • Selecting students
  • Quality management and continual improvement
  • The school management system
  • Carrying out examinations during and at the end of courses
  • Creating certificates
  • Measuring customer satisfaction
  • Optimisation and improvement
  • Testing profitability, economical efficiency and realisability

Additionally, the Eckert Schools International team is there to offer you help and advice when developing new courses.