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German Industrial Master Craftsman International

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Job profile

Industrial Master Craftsmen continue to hold key positions in companies. Straddling the worlds of both planning and production, they are in the unique Position of acting as intermediaries between production workers and management and their qualifications prepare them for serving as specialists, trainers and leaders in their field. Their core tasks are focused on technical and organisational areas as well as on the training and leadership of colleagues. In addition, they are also responsible for applying and integrating the latest in process, Information and communication technology into existing production processes.

Industrial Master Craftsman are found in companies of various sizes and in a variety of industries often holding senior positions within these companies. Opportunities for advancement are found in the areas of production planning and monitoring, in the installation, maintenance and improvement of equipment and naturally in the area of staff development. Further fields of activity include planning of operational procedures, quality control and monitoring operational cost curves. The Industrial Master Craftsman is also responsible for assigning colleagues to the positions and tasks that best match their performance, abilities and qualifications.

This course of study covers high value subjects such as business administration, technology, organisation and personnel management.

Completing the course program to become a German Industrial Master Craftsman International is the right step for those who desire to increase their qualifications and attain leading positions in industrial companies.

This advanced Training includes two sections:

  1. Interdisciplinary basic qualification (BQ section) with 360 teaching hours.
  2. Specific operational qualification (SQ section) with 600 teaching hours.

The BQ section and SQ section are both completed with an IHK certified test.