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The Eckert Schools International is a global educational partner that offers support in implementing the dual vocational training system according to the German model.

The participants must have relevant technical qualifications to take part in this program. Every part of the vocational training porgram is carried out under according to the German dual system and under the supervision and leadership of the Eckert Schools International.

The course plan corresponds to the curriculum of each field of study as laid out by the IHK Germany.

The Training is provided by experienced teachers selected and trained by Eckert Schools International.

This Training is offered in English but can be offered in other languages as well.

At the end of the program, the participants will take a final exam which satisfies the requirements of the IHK/AHK.

Upon successfully completing the test, the graduates will receive a certificate from the IHK/AHK and a certificate from the Eckert Schools.