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Economic Development Zone Pukou profits from Regenstauf’s knowledge in the field of education

Visit in Nanjing, China: long-term cooperation planned with local educational institution  more


ESI agrees on cooperation with Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Secondary Vocational School

German Industrial Master Craftsman International (DIMI) as next stage after initial vocational training in China.  more


Train the Trainer: Meeting with the Shanxi Energy Institute

The proved train-the train-concept is increasingly turning into an export hit – Eckert Schools international discuss new tailor-made proposals with the Shanxi Energy Institute in China.   more


5-axis CNC training for Chinese teachers of vocational education

Following the invitation of Henan Vocational & Technical College, Eckert Schools International has successfully completed a one-week training program for CNC teachers in China.   more


Chinese guests gain an insight into industry 4.0

In the course of a promotion conference of the Bremen Chinese Academic Union, Eckert Schools International visited the China Certification & Inspection Germany GmbH (CCIC Germany) in Bremen on Saturday, January 19, 2019 to speak on the topic of industry 4.0.  more


China: Know-how for 400 vocational colleges

The Chinese-German Union for Vocational Education and Training at Tongji University welcomed Eckert Schools International as a valuable cooperation partner to a ceremony in Shanghai  more


Know-how for Chinese driving instructors

Another milestone in the cooperation between Eckert Schools International and the Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute has been laid: In December 2018, twelve teachers from Kaifeng (China) received their Train the Trainer certificates  more


From South Korea in the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate)

In mid-September, Eckert Schulen International and RBZ Augsburg welcomed 11 students from Jeonbuk, South Korea to a 3-month stay in Regenstauf. The class visit is part of the project MAI iTeCK. The goal of the vocational training co-operation is to transfer the dual training according to the German model to South Korea.  more


Eckert Schools International run train-the-trainer program for China

From 20 September until 28 September 2018, Eckert Schools International again conducted a train-the-trainer program for Chinese VET teachers.  more


Eckert Schools International bring know-how "Made in Germany" to China

Training and further education in the field of mechatronics are the main topics of the training program.  more