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VinFast inaugurates training center

After intensive and successful supervision by Eckert Schools International, VinFast starts with the training of 200 trainees   more


Training for Chinese Teachers: Focus on German vocational education and continuing training

Excursions, profound subject teaching and warm hospitality: German vocational education in the field of electrical engineering  more


Eminent Visit from China

Government delegation for education from Tianshui (China) visits Regenstauf  more


Course on "Professional Trainer International" successfully completed

15 teachers from Shaanxi Energy Institute / China successfully completed the training in Regenstauf  more


Binzhou Technician College: A return visit from China

On 8 August 2018, the Eckert Schools International welcomed the delegation of Binzhou Technician College/China.  more


Exchange of expertise with Shanghai

27 pupils and 3 teachers of Shanghai’s 2nd vocational school for light industry were at the Eckert Schools International at the Campus Regenstauf. for a professional and cultural exchange program from 16 July. until 20 July 2018  more


Training for Vietnam´s first "car makers": The cornerstone is successfully laid

Eighteen teachers from Vietnam have successfully graduated from the first phase of the custom-made Train-the-Trainer programme at the Regenstauf campus. Phase two, direct on the premises of the VinFast Training Center, is to begin shortly. In this way, experts from Eckert Schools International are making the participants in Haiphong, Vietnam, 9,000 Kilometers away, fit for the training of skilled personnel in their own land.  more


Eckert Schools International training teachers in occupational education on the ground in China

The German dual vocational education and activity-based teaching methods are the main topics of the training sessions  more


The first Vietnamese car: Eckert Schools International delivers expert know-how

Vingroup is conquering the Asian car market - soon the first car from Vietnam, "Vinfast" will appear on the market. For this, skilled personnel are needed on the ground: at the moment, 18 teachers from Vietnam are taking a tailored Train the Trainer programme at Eckert Schools International with focal points on industrial mechanics and mechatronics. In this way, they are being equipped to deal with task of training the skilled workers needed in Vietnam.  more


Eckert Schools International carried out teacher training programmes on the ground in China

In December 2017 and January 2018, Eckert Schools International carried out teacher training programmes in the areas civil engineering and robotics on the ground in China.   more