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Basic course SOLID WORKS©

Target group

The basic course is suitable for beginners and newcomers to SOLID WORKS©. This includes enineers, technicians, draughtsmen, design engineers, product developers, foremen, project engineers, dDesigners and component design engineers.  

Seminar aims

After completing the basic course, the participants are able generate individual parts, put them together into components and create the product documents. Initial experience with the program is gained by working on exercises closely related to actual practice.

Basic concept and lecturer profile

The basic course offers an introduction to the fundamental Areas of 3D construction of solid objects, creating the basis for the use of CAD applications with SOLID WORKS©.

Previous knowledge of SOLID WORKS© is not necessary to attend this course. The ability to imagine shapes in three dimensions, technical understanding, Windows knowledge and interest in learning a CAD system are beneficial. With their help, participants can quickly become highly productive in the area of design of solid objects.

The basic course serves to prepare the participants for further project-specific specialisations.

The lecturers used in this course are experienced specialists with relevant occupational experience and decades of teaching experience in this area.

Seminar contents

  • Foundations, user interface
  • Introduction to sketching
  • Introduction to creating parts
  • Introduction in creating components
  • Introduction to creating drawings