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Electrician for specified activities (m/f)

Target group

Professionals in industry working in manufacturing, servicing or customer service but who cannot demonstrate any electronics training. Further, skilled worker from a metal-working or metal processing occupation, for example an industrial mechanic, who must also work with electrical resources, facilities and machinery.

Seminar aims

After completing the occupational training, participants will be able to carry out set activities, specific to the operation they work in, independently. They will be able, therefore, to be deployed as trained electricians in the sense of the aAcident Prevention Regulations BGV A3 within their field of operation, acting in accordance with the regulations and recognising possible hazards.

Basic concept and lecturer profile

The participants receive learning materials which cover the contents. The participants use these in the preparation for the actual teaching hours. The theory is considered more deeply in the seminars using hands-on exercises with appropriate instructions. There is a special laboratory with modern equipment for the practical experiments. The lecturers and trainers used in this course are experienced engineers and technicians with relevant occupational experience and substantial teaching experience in this area.

Seminar contents

Theoretical component

  • The foundations of electrical engineering
  • Measuring electrical variables
  • The effects and dangers of electrical current
  • Safety measures in accordance with VDE 0100
  • VDE 0105, Accident Prevention Regulations BGV A3 (previously VBG 4)
  • Carrying out repair work
  • Recommissioning after maintenance and alterations
  • Creating, reading and interpreting simple circuit diagrams
  • First aid for electrical accidents
  • Fire-fighting in electrical facilities

Practical component

  • Working on and operating electrical facilities
  • Arranging circuits and connecting equipment
  • Measuring exercises, including the systematic search for errors
  • Checking that standard electrical, electromechanical and electronic components are functioning properly
  • Testing and measuring in installations according to VDE 0100 and VDE 0105
  • Testing equipment according to VDE 0702 and VDE 0710