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Combined electropneumatic and hydraulics for specialists (m/f)

Target group

The seminar is designed for specialists and senior staff who are confronted with pneumatic and hydraulic systems in their working environment. It is aimed at achievement oriented industrial mechanics, mechatronics technicians and process technicians from metalworking, woodworking and plastics processing and from chemistry and electrical engineering.

Seminar aims

In this course, the participants learn the most important foundations from the areas of electronics, electropneumatics and electrohydraulics. They read appropriate circuit diagrams and build circuits themselves. Due to the high level of practical training, the participants become confident with handling components from the individual areas and understanding of the processes in automated facilities.

Basic concept and lecturer profile

The participants receive learning materials which cover the contents. The participants use this in the preparation for the actual teaching hours. The theory is considered more deeply in the seminars using hands-on exercises with appropriate instructions. There is a special laboratory with modern equipment for the practical experiments. The lecturers and trainers used in this course are experienced engineers and technicians with relevant occupational experience and substantial teaching experience in this area.

Seminar contents


  • Basic concepts
  • The rules governing electric circuits
  • Power and energy
  • Measuring, testing and trouble-Shooting


  • Creating and distributing compressed air
  • Components for controlling and transforming energy
  • Safety regulations
  • Exercises with the pneumatic teaching unit


  • Creating pressure
  • Pumps, valves, hydrodynamics
  • Safety regulations
  • Exercises with the hydraulic teaching unit