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Industry photovoltaics specialist (m/f)

Target group

This course is aimed specifically at achievement oriented specialists in industry who work in manufacturing, servicing or customer service and have completed a basic course in electronics, for example as an electrician. However, specialised workers whose activities correspond to those of a qualified electrician will also gain the prerequisites for installation of photovoltaic facilities.

Seminar aims

The seminar conveys the necessary theoretical specialist knowledge which enables the participants to work independently on photovoltaic facilities and their electrical equipment professionally. As an electrician, the particpant will plan the facility, commission it and undertake maintenance operations. Due to his or her responsibility as a facility builder, the participant learns the current accident prevention regulations according to BGV A3, knows the potential dangers of improper behaviour and understand the necessity of electrical protective devices and safety measures.

Basic concept and lecturer profile

The participants receive learning materials which cover the contents. The participants use this in the preparation for the actual teaching hours. The theory is considered more deeply in the seminars using hands-on exercises with appropriate instructions. There is a special laboratory with modern equipment for the practical experiments. The lecturers and trainers used in this course are experienced engineers and technicians with relevant occupational experience and substantial teaching experience in this area.

Seminar contents

  • The foundations of electrical engineering from the point of view of photovoltaics
  • Aspects of planning and construction of PV equipment connected to the mains
  • Facility-specific requirements
  • Installation, functional tests and commissioning of PV facilities
  • Measurements for testing facilities
  • Safety measures for the prevention of accidents
  • Roof installation systems and integration into buildings
  • Example calculations, installation and documentation (acceptance certificate)
  • Advising customers and marketing
  • Social competence
  • Maintaining PV facilities
  • Occupational safety / environmental protection