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Programmable logic controllers (PLCs)

Target group

This who are interested in PLCs and have no or little knowledge of them

Seminar aims

The participants knows how a PLC functions and can implement simple control functions with a PLC program.

Basic concept and lecturer profile

The participants receive learning materials which cover the contents. The participants use this in the preparation for the actual teaching hours. The theory is considered more deeply in the seminars using hands-on exercises with appropriate instructions. There is a special laboratory with modern equipment for the practical experiements. The lecturers and trainers used in this course are experienced enineers and technicians with relevant occupational experience and substantial teaching experience in this area.

Seminar contents

  • The basic principles of how a PLC functions
  • Configuring hardware
  • Setting up and editing a project
  • Absolute and symbolic addressing of operands
  • Signal states, result of queries and results of Logical operations
  • Methods of displaying PLC programs (STL, LAD, FBD)
  • Programming bit logic (AND/OR, SET/RESET, edge detection)
  • Programming time functions
  • Programming counters and comparators
  • Number formats and data types (BIN, HEX, BCD, integer)
  • Programming examples and simulation