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Train the Trainer - module A

You can create your own individual program on the basis of the following training elements:


1) Introductory event


2) An overview of the German education system

  • Education
  • Vocational training (dual system - apprenticing company, vocational school)
  • Ministry of Education and Research
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK)


3) The Development of German professional training

  • Learning concept / learning model
  • Practical abilities
  • Social competence
  • Changes to the teacher´s role and tasks, methods for evaluating practical abilities


4) Spheres of activity, subject areas and learning situations

  • Subject area / framework curricula


5) Implementing the learning concept in theoretical lessons

  • Qualification and competence
  • Subject classification and activity classification
  • Correlations between areas of activity
  • Subject areas and learning situations
  • Steps in activity-based learning: Resources for activity-based learning
  • Practical examples of subject areas in lessons - the concept of activity-based learning


6) Carrying out the training plan


7) An Evaluation System for practical abilities using the example of an industrial craftsman


8) Conception of the syllabus for technical training in Germany

  • Conception of the new syllabus for mechanical engineering in Bavaria
  • Conception of the new syllabus for electrical engineering in Bavaria


9) Implementation of the syllabus for mechanical engineering in Eckert Schools

  • Project work


10) Example of learning units with a project character - LEP

  • LEP - an example from mechanical engineering training


11) Project work in technical training with focus on mechanical engineering

  • Project work example: Construction of toothed gearing


12) Project work in technical training with focus on electrical engineering

  • Electronic project work example: Monitoring the external parameters


13) Observed teaching sessions

  • Participation in the CNC technology specialised class: From drawing to workpiece


14) Creativity and presentation techniques

  • Brainstorming
  • Mind mapping
  • Mind mapping Software
  • The use of mind mapping softwar in class


15) Field trips

  • Visit to a vocational school, getting to know the theoretical lessons in the vocational school
  • Visit a German company, get to know the company-based training


16) Cultural activities

  • Excursions, city tours etc.